Master Big Data with Databricks and Apache Spark SQL with Bryan Cafferky

Date: 19 May 2021

Time: 18:00 UTC

Presenter: Bryan Cafferky

Registration Link:

Master Big Data with Databricks and Apache Spark SQL

Databricks is a user interface wrapper for Apache Spark, the world’s most popular open-source Big Data platform.  Did you know the most important language on Apache Spark is Structured Query Language (SQL)? That’s right, you can jump into the world of big data using your current SQL knowledge. In this presentation, Bryan will show you how to use SQL with Databricks notebooks with real world scenarios.  Come to this presentation and learn how to jump into the big data!

About Speaker: Bryan Cafferky

Bryan is the author of Master Azure Databricks Step by Step and the creator of a data and artificial intelligence YouTube training channel. He had decades of experience in multiple industries and was a Microsoft Worldwide Learning Data Science content creator.

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