The Dream Team: Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools and Pipelines with Andy Cutler

Date: 23 Feb 2022

Time: 18:00 UTC

Presenter: Andy Cutler

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The Dream Team: Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools and Pipelines

Azure Synapse Analytics brings together big data processing, data warehousing, data integration, and data visualisation services into one seamless ecosystem.
The Serverless SQL Pools service within Azure Synapse Analytics allows querying data in Azure Storage, Data Lake Gen1/2, Cosmos DB, and the Dataverse. We can query this data without moving or transforming it to other destinations, increasing time to insight. However, the source data may not be in the best possible format for analytical workloads…
In this session we’ll be looking at the concepts of a Logical Data Warehouse and how Synapse Analytics Pipelines and Serverless SQL Pools are the dream team when it comes to transforming and delivery big data analytics.

We’ll be covering the following areas:
• Setting up an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace
• Introducing our example Website Event telemetry data for Retail Analytics
• Creating Synapse Analytics Pipelines to load and transform source data in the Data Lake
• Creating a Logical Data Warehouse using Views within Serverless SQL Pools

After this technical and SQL-heavy session, attendees will understand how Synapse Analytics Pipelines can be used to move and transform data and the role Serverless SQL Pools plays in connecting to and querying data in a Data Lake

About Speaker: Andy Cutler

Andy runs Datahai, a Microsoft Silver Partner Azure Data Platform consultancy. The Datahai blog contains various posts around the Microsoft Data Platform, Power BI, certifications, and general data.

Andy is a current Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Find Andy’s blog at

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